Pratt LIS653 Class Resources

Currently all resources needed for completing class assignments and in class exercises are located at the class website LIS 653 Knowledge Organization.

The syllabus LIS 653-02 Spring 2018 Syllabus has been created as a Google Doc so that readings and assignments are linked for easy access.  Plus it helps save on paper, which is a good thing for our environment.

After each lecture I will link the lecture slides on the Google Doc Syllabus for the students reference.

All assignments should be submitted on the date they are due to the Pratt LMS except for Assignment #2 which requires you to hand in a paper copy.

I have uploaded samples from the final project from previous classes as well as the Fall 2016 class I co-taught with Amber Billey.  We focused on the process of creating a taxonomy and the students found some great material to work with.  As you decide what to do for a final project this year consider creating a taxonomy.  I’ve made these taxonomy projects available for you here, the other projects from students in the other other sections over the years are located on the class website.  Please contact me if you have any questions.