~Poets House Cataloging Guide for Interns and Staff~

I created a brief original cataloging guide for Gina Scalise the Librarian at Poets House.  I made it so that she could have a ready reference to give very inexperienced staff an idea of how to do original catalog records according to MARC21.  Poets House is implementing the Koha LMS and it is entered according to MARC21 fields, unlike FileMaker (which is what they were using before.)  I was able to help due to the fact that I was helping to catalog auction and dealer catalogs, as well as create serial records for The Frick Art Reference Library into Millennium at my internship there during the summer.

Poets House has an eclectic collection of materials, with a variety of author published material that generally does not make it onto OCLC or WorldCat.  Since interns make up a large portion of the help that Gina receives to do this transition catalog work from FileMaker into Koha it was necessary to have something that was short and sweet for them to reference.  I printed out examples from OCLC to help make the language of MARC21 more understandable to the interns.  Those examples are not included here, but they are described in the Guide.  If you want to look them up you can.

Poets House Original Cataloging Guide [pdf]

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