~An Open Book~ Omeka website

I took Metadata during my Spring 2012 semester.  The final project for the class involved setting up a digital library using Omeka.  I partnered with my classmate Barbara Bieck for this project. We were more concerned with the content of the website rather than the look of the website, so it looks dated.

For this project we were tasked with setting up a digital library and creating a “Best Practices Guide.”  We decided to use Cataloging of Culture Objects (CCO) in conjunction with Dublin Core as the best guides for what metadata terminology to use for describing our objects.  Our mission statement for the site states, “It is our mission to provide a venue for bibliophiles everywhere to explore the fascinating and varied world of book shaped objects from around the globe.  These objects can be as old as a 16th century bracelet or as modern as a 21st century MacBook related novelty item.  We are also dedicated to providing accurate metadata using a combination of Dublin Core and Cataloging of Cultural Objects metadata elements in order to fully describe these items in a way that is not only uniform but also thorough.”

The website is built AS IF it were capable of being added to by outsiders.  Unfortunately it is not at this time, but the practices and instructions for others are in place if that becomes a possibility.  Enjoy a brief look at using Omeka to create digital libraries in the barest sense.

An Open Book

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