~ Collection Finding Aids ~

My Collections:

WAB: American Bilateral Conversations Records, 1932-1975
Roman Catholics tended to favor and encourage a methodology of bilateral or two-party conversations, while most ecumenical discussions were multilateral. Protestants also held conversations among themselves. The collection contains records of minutes, reports, correspondence, position papers, books and news statements drafted at bilateral meetings of the Roman Catholic Church and various Protestant churches.

MRL #3: Arunodaya: The Autobiography of Bãbã Padamanjí, 1944
Contains handwritten translation of Arunodaya: The Autobiography of Bãbã Padamanjí: Containing a Description of His Former Life as a Hindu; and the Causes Which Led Him to His Conversion. Gives a brief history of life as a Hindu, conversion to Christianity and details the religious, political, personal and familial struggles endured as a result.

WAB: Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America Records, 1905-1941
The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America (FCC), officially founded in 1908, differentiated from other Christian Unity movements, due to its basis on cooperation between denominations through service rather than an attempt to unite upon definitions of theology and polity. In 1950 the FCC was integrated into the National Council of Churches. This collection contains newspaper and magazine articles, journals, pamphlets, booklets, correspondence, minutes, reports, and position papers.

WAB: State Council of Churches Records, 1943-1974
Regional ecumenical and interfaith organizations come together under the umbrella of their respective state council of churches. Rooted in local communities, able to respond to needs specific to that region. Councils are agencies of cooperation focused on service and Christian unity. Collection contains bulletins, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, correspondence, annual meeting minutes and reports.

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