~Burke Archives Blog Entries~

6 Sept. 2012~Internship for the Uninitiated  [link]
My very first blog entry for the “Hidden Archival Collections of the Burke Library.” I wanted to introduce myself and the practicum project that I was going to be working on.  Plus give the short answer as to why I wanted to be able to intern under Ms. Kamsler.

9 Oct. 2012~Unity in the Midst of Diversity [link]
The first collection I processed was for the American Bilateral Conversations Records, which I did at an almost item level.  This was my “teaching” collection.  Not only did it familiarize me with the art of archival processing, but never having done theological research before I found the topic completely fascinating.  I enjoyed learning to use the Burke Library as well.

6 Nov. 2012~Conviction Born from Struggle and Conversion [link]
My second collection consisted of a single handwritten copy of an autobiography of an Indian convert.  It was an amazing look into a culture that I knew nothing about.

4 Dec. 2012~Federal Council of Churches and the Bethlehem Steel Strike of 1910 [link]
Even though the Bethlehem Steel Strike materials comprised such a small part of this collection, I was drawn to this material due to the fact that I am an historian at heart.  I my undergraduate studies were in American Studies, so these materials provided an interesting religious insight into that time in history that I was unaware of.  I had a great time researching the information for this blog post.

10 Dec. 2012~State Council of Churches and Wrap Up [link]
I finished my practicum experience with this large collection of state council of churches material.  It was a diverse collection in terms of coverage of the United States, but each council had the same goals and desires.  It was a great collection to wrap up my time at the Burke.

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