Final Project Examples

Spring 2019 Final Projects
Video Game Classification in Metadata Across Libraries and Museums by Madeline Newquist, Steven Mitchell, and Shannon Mish

Artists’ Books and Where to Find Them: The Challenges of Cataloging and Classification by Joey Vincennie, Janna Singer-Baefsky, and Hannah Bauer

Radical Cataloging: Recognition, Representation, Accessibility by Zane Castillo, Alicia Hyman, and Evian Yiyun Pan

Digital Access in Museums by Alexandra Srp, Tiffany Chan, and Peter Defenderfer

Fall 2018 Final Projects
Radical Librarianship by Cameron Aguilar, Miriam Clayto, Brianna Martin and Taylor Norton

Emerging Technologies: Applications of Linked Open Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence by Andreia Rodrigues Do Amaral, Bernadette Patino, and Charlotte India Eagle

#tagging: An Exploration in the Variation of Tag Use by Manuela Aronofsky, Carolyn Dellinger, WenLin Pan, and Nicole Tominaga

Information Organization & Films by Alvina Lai and Jarek Miller

Spring 2018 Final Projects
Student-First Cataloging: Pragmatic Replacements for Dewey in School Libraries by Gracen Cloud and Jay Lyon

Metadata and Classification: Lost, Stolen, Destroyed and Repatriated Resources by Margaret Daly, Elizabeth Kobert, Genevieve Milliken, and Sara Wowkowych:  Poster

Non-Traditional Cataloging Methods & Critique by Theo Walther, Emily Ordway, and Yolanda Keahey

Cataloging Methods for New Media Materials by Katherine Hicks, Lauren Ingrassia, and Tyler Dennis

Fall 2017 Final Projects
Video Games are Weird, but Librarians will figure them out… by Willamae Boling, Nick Dease, and Stephen Babish

Radical Cataloging by Abigail Walker, Eva Ives, Sophie Harding, and Joshua Coty

Knowledge Organization for User Empowerment by Ella Milliken Detro, Alice Griffin, and Katie Sorresso

Access & Potential Barriers to Information Resources by Michelle Regan, Kelly-Ann Smith, Mary Ellen Curley, and Chelsea Cates

The Journey of Rare Books by Greg Soto, Jacqueline Black, and Anamaria Guzman

Fall 2016 Taxonomy Final Projects
Gordon Parks Photo Taxonomy by Alex DiFiglia, Natalie Moore, Abby Buckingham, and Kara Bledsoe

Eaton Collection taxonomy and Eaton Collection Taxonomy Visualization by Brooke Bormann, Guida Lai, and Marcella Tam