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“…the love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books” –Morituri Salutamus by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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2018 Books I’ve Read

Updates each time I add a book to my “Read” pile.  So check back periodically.  Plus you can shuffle through the years to see how my reading habits have changed.  Pretty cool!

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About Town 2018:
The Met Breuer: Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed
NYCBallet: 21st Century Choreographers with Peck, Preljocaj, Reisen, & Schumacher

Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T)
New York Library Association (NYLA)
Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
Archivist Round Table of Metropolitan New York (ART)

Other interests:
Islanders hockey
Gourmet cooking classes
Geeky stuff–i.e. collecting women driven comics and Princess Leia stuff

PQ6713.I36 2009 Emergency Trunk: Books, Geeky Funko Pop collection, Comics, Souvenirs from Granada, Spain

Tom Mison and the Fam


Top: Mark Hamill and the Fam 2017 Bottom: Carrie Fisher, Gary Fisher, and the Fam 2016 (I love this picture so much!)

Stan Lee and the Fam