~Daily Journal~ Week 13

November 27, 2012: SCC sorting and new folders, additions to the FCC finding aid. 5 hours

I started the morning writing labels on a large number of folders in preparation for beginning to start the sort on the SCC collection.  I completed the beginning portions of the finding aid and began writing out the organization for the contents list.  I was able to finish re-foldering and sorting two of the seven boxes before I got final feedback from Ruth on the FCC finding aid.

I was asked to expand on the historical note. I researched information about Charles Macfarland, Josiah Strong and William I. Haven and added information about them to the note.  Other than that the changes were minimal.  I enjoy seeing so little red on my FA’s now.

I also requested the 2nd box of FCC collection which had been placed on their permanent home in the archive stacks.  The box contains papers relating to the Bethlehem steel strike of 1910 and I wanted to dig a little deeper into the papers for my blog post about the collection.  I snapped a few photographs before having to leave.

State Council of Churches collection initial form

State Council of Churches collection initial form

Total hours: 5

Running total: 124

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