~Daily Journal~ Week 9

October 29, 2012 & October 30, 2012: Hurricane Sandy

Due to Hurricane Sandy my week at the Burke has been cancelled.  Public transportation and schools are closed Monday and Tuesday.  I’m close to evacuation zones but at a high enough elevation that flooding shouldn’t be an issue, so I’m staying home and snuggling up with a blanket and working on grading papers for the Knowledge Organization class at Pratt.

Evacuation zones for the North shore of Staten Island

Link to a New York Times article on the Hurricane.

Hurricane Sandy

November 2, 2012: Final blog post Baba.  2 1/2 hours

After finally getting power back in our apartment, I was able to work on and finish the blog post regarding the Baba collection.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to submit it to Brigette as transportation is still spotty in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  After being in the dark for a few days it was nice to get reconnected to the world and work on something.
Total hours: 2 1/2

Running total: 87

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