Meet Bree

I am a special collections librarian with a passion for cataloging and metadata, especially as it relates to increased access to materials.  Currently, I am focused on the data aspect of librarianship as the Lead Data Librarian / Taxonomist for NBC News.  I am part of the Semantic Data Services Team in the Technology department.  I manage a news related knowledge graph, which in turn is used as the backbone for universal search applications that un-silo information/assets located in numerous CMS platforms in multiple NBC News divisions.  In conjunction with this, I use Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to auto-apply taxonomic terms to textual assets, including stories, transcripts, rundowns, etc…as an additional effort in making those assets surfacable by the search applications.

In addition, I teach a Knowledge Organization class at the Pratt Institute School of Information.  I collaborate with my former mentor and colleague Dr. Cristina Pattuelli in order to make sure that this foundation class covers introductory material useful for all library and museum studies students.  It is an honor to work for my alma mater and assist the students in learning about something I am passionate about. Access, access, access.

I also love researching and writing about art.  I completed the MLIS/Art History dual degree program at Pratt Institute in 2015.  My graduate work was focused on digital content, archives, art librarianship, and the stunning work of Hilma af Klint.  My master’s thesis focused on the intersection of the occult and modern abstraction techniques in her work.

The website not only contains my compete C.V. but also links to my SILS graduate work as well as additional information about me and materials for the students of LIS 653.

Just a note: anything in blue is a clickable link, that way you get to see more about the projects I have worked on.  Also if you click on something linked to my dropbox you do not need to sign up to view the object, just exit out of the “sign up/in” box and it will go directly to whatever you were looking for.  I apologize for this extra step, it is not something I can change.

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